FIFA World Cup CONCACAF qualifiers

FIFA World Cup CONCACAF qualifiers

The results of the Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Round for Qatar 2022 are now known. Eight teams will compete in the Final Round for Concacaf WCQ.

Mexico, the United States of America, Costa Rica, and Honduras will start the Final Round of WCQ in early September. The schedule will consist of 14 matchdays which will end on March 22.

The three top-ranked teams at the end of the Final Round will automatically qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. The fourth-place team will be eligible to play in a two-legged Inter-Confederation Playoff series in June 2022.

Panama, Canada, and El Salvador all reached the Final Round after they finished first in their groups in the First Round CWCQ. They then won their respective two-legged Second round series.

In aggregate, Panama defeated Curacao by 2-1. Canada lost Haiti 4-0. El Salvador defeated Saint Kitts and Nevis by 6-0 in Round 2.

Canada will participate in the Final round of CWCQ, the first time it has done so since 1998 in France. El Salvador is making their debut in the Final round of CWCQ since 2010. 

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