Best SEO guide for Google-friendly site

Best SEO guide for Google-friendly site

You should provide high-quality content for your pages, particularly your homepage. This is the most important thing. You can attract more visitors to your website if your pages have useful information. Create pages that describe your topic accurately and clearly to create a helpful and informative website. Use the words that users type to find your pages to help you create your site.

You should ensure that other websites link to yours

These links can help our crawlers find your site and increase your site's visibility in search results. Google uses text-matching algorithms to find pages that are relevant and important to each search when it returns search results. Google interprets any link linking to page A from page B as voting for page B. Votes cast by pages considered to be "important", weigh more and aid in making other pages better. 

Be aware that our algorithms are capable of distinguishing natural links from unnatural ones. When other sites find your content useful and valuable, natural links to you site result. These links, which are not natural to your site, are intended to make your site more search engine friendly. Our Webmaster Guidelines includes some information about these types of links. 

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